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Roslyn Activities – Available Classes

Enrolment for the Activities program took place on September 18th. If you were not able to attend registration, there are a number of classes (see below) which have available spaces.

If you are interested in signing up your child for any of these activities please contact Debbi Jardine, by calling the school, through the CONTACT button on our site, or you may send forward your registration forms and payment (Roslyn School Activities) to the attention of Debbi Jardine with “ACTIVITIES” clearly marked on the envelope. Please be sure to include the Home and School membership and payment (separate payment payable to Roslyn Home and School Association) as this is mandatory in order to join the activities program ALL forms may be found at


Reptiles—Gr 1,2,5,6 on Thursday/11 weeks/$140.00 (fall and winter available)

Gr. K-2:

Art Exploration—K Only on Wednesday/22 weeks/$140.00

Creative Video—Gr 1-2 on Wednesday/22 weeks/$140.00

Dino Discovery—Gr K-2 on Thursday/11 weeks/$140.00 (fall and winter available)

Garden Worx—Gr 1-6 on Monday/11 weeks/$140.00 (winter only)

Italian—Gr K-2 on Monday/22 weeks/ $140.00

Kidfit—Gr K-2 on Tuesday/11 weeks/$140.00 (fall and winter available)

Robotics—Gr K-2 on Tuesday/11 weeks/$140.00 (winter only)

Gr. 3-4:

Performing Arts—Gr 3-4 on Monday/11 weeks/$140.00

Spanish—Gr 3-4 on Monday/22 weeks/$140.00

Gr 3-6

Italian—Gr 3-6 on Wednesday/22 weeks/$140.00

Modern Dance—Gr 3-6 on Wednesday/11 weeks/$140.00 (fall and winter available)

Yoga—Gr 3-6 on Tuesday/22 weeks/$140.00

Gr 5-6

Babysitting—Gr 6 Only on Monday/11 weeks/$140.00

CSI Investigates—Gr 5-6 on Monday/11 weeks/$140.00

Photgraphy—Gr 5-6 on Tuesday/11 weeks/$140.00


Art Studio—Gr 3-6 on Thursday/22 weeks/$200

Basketball—Gr 1-6 on Thursday/22 weeks/$150.00

Badminton—Gr 4-6 on Tuesday/22 weeks/$150.00

Cooking Worx—Gr 3-6 on Wednesday/22 weeks/$250.00

Enviro Science—Gr 1-6 on Tuesday/22 weeks/$250.00

French Assist—Gr 1-6 on Monday/22 weeks/$200.00

Glee Club—Gr 1-6 on Thursday/22 weeks/ $250.00

Martial Arts— Gr 1-6 on Wednesday/22 weeks/ $150.00

Math Club— Gr 3-6 on Tuesday/22 weeks/$200.00

Musical Theater—Gr 1-6 on Monday/22 weeks/ $250.00