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Roslyn Activities End Dates Spring 2019

Dear parents

Due to the numerous PED days and holidays the activities program has staggered finish dates. Please see the list below for the end date of all activities. Please pay special attention to the after school dates and make the necessary arrangements for your child’s after school care.



Monday:Lunch: Dance and movement (gr K-2), Chess (gr 1-2), Italian (gr K-2) Photography (gr 5-6), Creative Video (gr 3-4), Skills (gr 1-2) 

Monday After School:Soccer (gr 1-6), Musical theater (gr 1-6), Hebrew (gr 1-6)… All end on April 29th

Tuesday: Lunch: Chess (gr 3-4)…April 9th, Robotics (gr K-2), Dino Discovery (gr 1-2), Creative Video (gr 5-6)…All end on March 26, Choir (gr 3-6)…May 14th

Tuesday After School: Animation (gr 3-6), Kidz N motion and Piano (gr 1-6)…March 26, Glee (gr 1-6)… April 9th, Cooking (gr 4-6)…April 16th

Wednesday: Lunch: Italian (gr 3-4)…Mar 20th, Dino Discovery (gr K) and Modern dance…Mar 27th, Art Exploration (gr 3-4)…April 3rd, Kid fit (gr K-2)…April 24th

Wednesday After School: Garden works (gr 1-6)…April 10th, Piano (gr 1-6), Graffiti (gr 3-6) and Martial arts… All end on Mar 27th

Thursday: Lunch: Kid Science (gr K)…Apr 4th, Reptiles (gr 1,2,5,6), Yoga (gr 1-2), Creative Video (gr 1-2)All end on Apr 11th, Arts and Crafts (gr 3-4)…May 9th…

Thursday After School: Piano (gr 1-6)…Apr 4th, Basketball (gr 1-6)…April 11th

Friday: Lunch: Chess (gr 1-2), Creative Video (gr 3-4), Art Exploration (gr K), Yoga (gr 3-4), Kid science (gr 1-2), Spanish (gr K-2)

Friday After School: Soccer (gr 1-3)All end on May 24th

NOTE: Extension programs will be offered first to children who are already enrolled for

  • Monday: Soccer and Musical Theater.
  • Tuesday:KidzNmotion.
  • Wednesday: Martial Arts and Gardening.
  • Thursday: Basketball.

Deadline for registration is Feb 15th, after which open registration will be offered. Spaces are limited in all activities.

Please check your child’s knapsack for enrollment notices and return registration with check payable to “Roslyn School Activities”. Please note your child’s name and room # in memo field of the check.

Thank you

Debbi Jardine

Activities coordinator