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Happy very chilly Tuesday everyone!

Before we begin, please make sure to scroll down through the entire newsletter for an update on all upcoming events.

We are proud to report that we had a great turnout to our HandS meeting last week.  Thank you to all the new parents who joined us around the table, and are volunteering to be ambassadors.  Our motto at HandS is “Many HandS make light work” and with your help, there is no stopping us!

If you have yet to sign up to be an Ambassador, you’re in luck.  We have a number of classrooms that need at least one, if not two ambassadors.  On a side note, if there are two ambassadors per class, the work can be shared.  Please email us at or use the Contact page here on our site.

If you are are a parent with a child in one of the following classrooms, we need you:

  • 116 Kindergarten
  • 117 Kindergarten
  • 118 Kindergarten
  • 204 Gr. 1
  • 217 Gr. 1
  • 219 Gr. 1
  • 212 Gr. 2
  • 215 Gr. 2
  • 107 Gr. 3
  • 108 Gr. 3
  • 112 Gr. 3
  • 113 Gr. 4
  • 114 Gr. 4
  • 115 Gr. 4
  • 102 Gr. 5
  • 202 Gr. 5
  • 201 Gr. 6
  • 207 Gr. 6
  • 208 Gr. 6

Please forward this to anyone you know that does not receive this newsletter and maybe a parent in one of the above classrooms.  As always, thank you for volunteering!

Coming up:

  1. Monday January 25th is a PED day.
  2. Tuesday January 26th is Pizza Lunch
  3. Thursday January 28th is Roslyn’s annual Born to Read Assembly.  Sponsored by the Roslyn Home and School Association, this assembly encourages reading with our children by celebrating sibling births for the year 2015.  If your family had a baby last year, please call the front office of Roslyn to register for this event.  To encourage reading, HandS supplies a gift bag with storybooks for reading aloud.

Stay warm!