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October 8, 2013

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)
Meeting held Oct 8th, 2013 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School
Christine Cardinal
Carly Fleming
Catalina Moreno
Julie Frankel
Christine Van Moorsel
Leah Trineer
Irma Alvarez
Caroline Lecerf
Miranda Mok
Isabelle Lacelle
Marie-Helene Pringle
Paul Tsang
Andrea Tessier
Peter Reynolds
1. The meeting opened at 7:20 pm chaired by Julie 2. Apologies: Apologies were received from Skawennati and Debbie H. 3. Adoption of agenda: moved by Christine Cardinal, seconded by Christine Van Moorsel . 4. Adoption of the minutes from the previous meeting (September 5, 2013): changes noted to item 9; adoption of minutes moved by Carly, seconded by Irma. Minutes adopted. 5. Review of open action items from previous meeting:
a. ACTION – Waiting for EMSB/Building Grounds approval for the purchase and installation of a new sound system in the gym. Tina is looking into one final option for the acoustic panels that would be a cost saving. There will be final decisions made by November. Ongoing.
6. Welcome Back Event Summary presented by Miranda
 The welcome back event was a great success and it was an excellent turnout. An improvement over previous years was that the line-up for food was very manageable. An extra popcorn machine and cotton candy machine were rented. In addition, food was provided and prepared by ‘Park’ owner and was well-received. Entertainment included a bouncy castle, tattoo artists, musicians and a balloon sculptor.
 The event took a loss of approximately $500. However, this even is a spirit event and is not intended to make a profit. Costs were lowered as Miranda negotiated a price for entertainment/rentals with Mira Amusements that bundled all of the items together.
 Miranda and Julie suggested that the budget for this event be increased in future years to reduce stress on the organizers.
 Marketing for the event was discussed. It is a difficult event to market because it comes so early in the year and there are many pieces of paper being distributed to students daily. Even so, this event was very well attended.
 Ideas were discussed about how to make a portion of this event a fundraiser. The idea of carnival games where tickets are purchased was presented. This may not be the appropriate event for this kind of event but the idea of a carnival themed fundraiser at some point in the year was well-received.
7. RGB Report presented by Christine Cardinal
 The first meeting of the year for the RGB took place and two subcommittees were formed. One subcommittee was formed with the purpose of beautifying Roslyn. A web survey has been created and will be distributed to ask stakeholders their opinions about priorities for beautifying the school. They will then seek (private and public) funding to undertake projects. The second subcommittee was formed with the purpose of improving school security. Tina identified the lack of an intercom as a major security issue. She met with a security contractor who looked at the needs of the school and may have suggestions about how to increase security without the costly addition of an intercom.
 Roslyn received a $20,000 grant from Future Shop to be spent on upgrading technology at the school.
8. HandS website
 Discussions are taking place to move the content of the HandS website to the school’s main website. Peter is taking responsibility for working on this project. A component of this idea is that a few people would have access to the site for making changes and would reduce our reliance on only one person to make changes.
 Concerns have been presented regarding the fact that HandS pays a former parent to maintain our website given that we now have parents willing to take on this role for free.
 Julie presented a motion that for the next three months we will continue to contract the services of our webmaster until we know what will happen regarding a new site on the school’s page. Leah seconded the motion.
9. HandS/QFHSA membership review presented by Julie
 Based on memberships received so far, we have increased HandS membership by approx. 60 families. We have 220 families who have paid memberships so far.
 All members of the HandS executive must be HandS members. Being a member means we are QFHSA members and this provides liability insurance for parents volunteering at HandS events.
10. QFHSA Fall Conference
 The QFHSA Fall Conference is coming up on Nov. 9, 2013. There are many interesting presentations for parents.
11. Citrus Update
 Our former Citrus coordinators no longer have a child at Roslyn. They were willing to continue to work with our new coordinator (Caroline Lecerf) on this year’s citrus drive, however we have recently found out that due to weather conditions and a shortage of citrus our supplier will not be providing citrus for fundraising this year.
 Other options for a similar fundraiser were discussed. Caroline has been looking at options for selling apples and pears and will soon have the information required for us to make a decision whether we go ahead with it this year or not. The fruit would be available at a similar cost as the citrus and our profit margin would be similar.
 Overall the executive was positive about the idea of selling pears and apples but were concerned about issues of packaging and delivery. Caroline will find out more details about this.
a) Fundscrip
 We have signed up for this service and will begin to market it over the coming months. ACTION: Follow up with Tracey about Fundscrip and create a marketing strategy.
12. Activities Report presented by Julie
 27 activities are offered in 47 classes
 Out of 782 available spaces, we have 636 spaces filled
 The changes in lunch schedules have created challenges for Debbi but she has managed these challenges very well
 Debbi has made additions to activity offerings so that children can progress through levels as they progress through grades.
 A concern about the process of how parents sign up for activities was raised. The sign up night started too early for many working parents to attend. It is impossible to set up a system that works for everyone. Julie noted that Debbi has been very accommodating for families who do not get a spot that they want and so parents with concerns should be directed to Debbi.
13. Westmount Park School 100th Anniversary
 Westmount Park School is in our neighborhood and we share many similarities. We also have many differences – Westmount Park does not have a Home and School Association and their different population means they have less parent participation overall.
 Julie proposed the idea that Roslyn HandS donate some money as a gift to Westmount Park given that we have many more resources than they do and we would like to extend our goodwill.
 We do have extra funds in our budget.
 This idea was warmly received. Julie will approach the principal of Westmount Park and discuss this possibility. An amount of approx. $1000-$1500 was suggested.
ACTION: Julie to follow up with Westmount Park about the 100th Anniversary Gift
14. Treasurer’s Report presented by Catalina
 Our bank balance as of today is $8,095. Approximately $22,000 will be deposited shortly from pizza lunch funds.
15. Upcoming Events
a) Kindergarten Open House is October 16th from 10-12. Julie will be representing HandS to new parents. She needs volunteers to help her.
b) School Photos. Skawennati was not here to present details about school photos.
16. New Business
● Miranda has been looking into purchasing more Roslyn mugs to sell as a fundraiser. She presented ideas and designs. There are many options. We will follow up with this at a future meeting.
ACTION: Miranda to bring additional ideas about Roslyn mugs to the next meeting.
17. Next meeting
 Thanks to Carly for providing refreshments at this meeting. Miranda will bring refreshments to the next meeting.
 The next meeting will be on Wed. Nov. 13th at 7:15.
The meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.