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November 13, 2013

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)

Meeting held Nov 13th, 2013 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School



Christine Cardinal

Carly Fleming

Catalina Moreno

Julie Frankel

Christine Van Moorsel

Debbie Hanley

Caroline Lecerf

Miranda Mok

Isabelle Lacelle

Marie-Helene Pringle

Peter Reynolds


  1. The meeting opened at 7:25 pm chaired by Julie
  1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Nancy L. and Paul T.
  1. Adoption of agenda: moved by Christine C., seconded by Carly F.
  1. Adoption of the minutes from the previous meeting (October 8, 2013): moved by Christine C., seconded by Christine VM.


  1. Review of open action items from previous meeting:
  1. ACTION – The acoustic panels for the gym have been ordered and they are on site at the school. They will be installed next week. It is likely that the project will come in under budget. This will be finalized shortly. At our next meeting we can go to the gym to see the panels and will have a final financial summary. Ongoing.
  2. ACTION – The alternative plan to the Citrus Drive did not work out and therefore we will not be pursuing an alternate fundraiser this year. We will re-visit this in the Spring. Closed.
  3. ACTION – Julie has not yet made contact with Tracey about the details of fundscrip. They will connect with each other shortly. Nancy L. has offered to work on this endeavor with Tracey. The Roslyn code for fundscrip is MDDTHH ( We will receive an update about fundscrip at our next meeting. Ongoing.
  4. ACTION – Julie emailed the principal of Westmount Park regarding a potential gift from Roslyn on the occasion of their 100th anniversary. She has not yet heard back. Julie will contact the principal again and will get back with an update at the next meeting. Ongoing.


  1. Photo Day Summary
  • Julie provided the summary that the photo day went well. They were ahead of schedule with the photos which caused some timing problems but overall the photo day went well.


  1. RGB Report

Christine C. reported that:

  • The RGB is focusing on increasing security in the school. A security expert has provided ideas that would be an alternative to a costly intercom system. These include the use of different bells, panic buttons, unbreakable film on windows. They are trying to get funding from the EMSB but if this is not possible then the RGB will fundraise.
  • Roslyn is being considered by the EMSB to possibly have their water fountains replaced.
  • ICOR funding (inner city school funding) has been decreased. This will impact the funding for resource teachers.
  • The Y will be offering free swimming lessons in the spring for Gr 2 students as they did last year.
  • The idea generator survey has approx. 30-40 respondents so far. They would like feedback from a larger number of parents in order to identify priorities at the school. A capital campaign will be started with the top priorities in mind.


  1. Foundation Update
  • Julie reported that the Roslyn Foundation would like HandS and the RGB to decide on one project that the Foundation will fund. Tina has suggested two priorities – security and the tech room. The RGB would like to prioritize security. Julie presented a motion that HandS act in agreement with the RGB that increasing security is what the Foundation should fund. Seconded by Catalina. All in favour. Motion passed.


  1. Kindergarten Open House Report
  • Julie reported that many parents attended this event. Approximately one third of the parents were from out of region (and therefore won’t be eligible for bussing) and are seeking out Roslyn. The school looked great as a result of the hard work of volunteers and the open house was a success.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Catalina reported that she has created a new system for reimbursements and expenses in order to formalize this process. When any volunteer handles HandS finances, these protocols will need to be followed. Forms will need to be filled out whenever money is handled. Forms will be available on the HandS website and in the office.
  • For the financial summary of HandS accounts, there is approximately $37,000 in the account as of today. Our projected end of year balance with all commitments accounted for is $19,000.
  1. QFHSA Report
  • Julie reported that we have 224 QFHSA members as of today.
  1. French Literacy Request
  • HandS has received a request from Linday Aube, our French literacy resource teacher, for approx. $300 to purchase reading comprehension materials for Cycles 2 and 3. Julie presented a motion to approve funding for $350 for French literacy materials. Seconded by Peter. All in favour. Motion passed.
  1. Upcoming Events
  • Book Fair. The school is now ready to accept second hand books for the book fair. They can be brought in any time.
  • Bake sale. It is being organized by the Gr 6 Grad committee and further information about it should be coming out shortly.
  1. Fundraising Opportunities
  • A discussion took place about potential fundraising ideas. Four main ideas were discussed.

1) Peter suggested the idea of a carnival run and designed by the kids. Money would be raised by the purchasing of tickets to take part in the carnival games. The possibility of combining this with the spaghetti night was discussed.

2) Debbie presented the idea of asking parents to make a pledge to Roslyn in order to fund something specific. This request would be communicated to parents by announcements sent home. There would be the potential to repeat the pledge a few times a year.

3) Julie presented the idea of children selling chocolate bars. This would allow all children to be involved in fundraising, no matter how much or little they raise.

4) Julie presented the idea of selling branded merchandise. We would send out an order form in April and parents could pick up their items at the open house in June.

  • It was agreed that for now we will concentrate on the fundraising pledge idea and the branded merchandise.  Julie presented a motion that she will present that HandS has a plan to pursue these two fundraising initiatives to the RGB. Seconded by Miranda. All in favour. Motion passed.


  1. Questions Arising
  • Miranda was approached by a contact at Selwyn house asking if Selwyn boys could come to do community service at Roslyn on April 4th. Julie will take this request to the RGB.


  1. Next Meeting
  • Thanks to Miranda for providing refreshments at this meeting. Isabelle will bring refreshments to the next meeting.
  • The next meeting will be on Thurs Dec 12 at 7:15pm.


The meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.