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May 14, 2013

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)
Meeting held May 14th, 2013 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School

Christine Cardinal
Graham Carpenter
Carly Fleming
Skawennati Fragnito
Julie Frankel
Caroline Kemp
Marie-Helene Pringle
Leah Trineer
Andrea Tessier

The meeting opened at 7:25 pm chaired by Julie and Graham

1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Jennifer, Catalina, Irma, and Evike.

2. Adoption of agenda: moved by Leah, seconded by Skawennati.

3. Adoption of the minutes from the previous meeting (April 10, 2013): changes noted to item 11; adoption
of minutes moved by Julie, seconded by Graham. Minutes adopted.

4. Review of open action items from previous meeting:

a. ACTION – Waiting for EMSB/Building Grounds approval for the purchase and installation of a
new sound system in the gym. The project has now been taken over by Tina and it is in the hands
of EMSB Building & Grounds Dept. Currently contractors are giving estimates but it appears
unlikely that the project will be completed by the end of the school year. The role of HandS now is
to only look over the quotes when they come in because HandS is funding the project. Ongoing.

b. ACTION – Leah will do some research to provide an estimate of the cost of a program similar
to Born to Read. She will report back at the next meeting. Leah has not yet talked to the
teachers/principal about this project. We will close it off the minutes for now and Leah will bring it
back to the table next year in the fall. Closed.

c. ACTION – Leah will look into partner organizations and see if there are any appropriate options
for speakers or workshops that could be brought in for an Anti-bullying program. There was an
anti-bullying evening held by the school in April. It was an excellent evening for parents. HandS
hopes that the school will provide another such workshop earlier in the year next year. Closed.

5. RGB Report
 The enrichment committee of the RGB met to address a number of problems. Firstly, the school
is growing so much that there is little space available for the enrichment program. However,
despite this, enrichment will be offered to all Cycles next year. Secondly, it has been recognized
that many parents in the school are not informed of the enrichment program.
 A new code of conduct for the students has been adopted and will be printed in the agendas next
 There will be changes to the lunch schedule and setting next year as the lunch room has been
too crowded and noisy. Lunches will be eaten in a combination of classrooms and the lunch
room. In addition, there will be no more movies in the gym in bad weather.  Julie attended the RGB and received approval for all of the 2013-2014 HandS fundraising

6. Halo Race Bus
 The Halo Race is a city wide event held for all students above Gr. 4 on the mountain. Roslyn
Grade 4 and 5’s participated.
 Linda Butt is requesting that HandS pay the cost of the bus that was rented to take students to
the event. Historically, HandS has paid for it. In future HandS would prefer if these kinds of
requests were submitted prior to the cost being incurred.
 All members were in favour of paying $195.46 for the cost of the bus.

7. Library request for funds
 HandS has been requested by the library to pay $341.12 for the cost of materials to get books
ready to go on the shelves. All members were in favour of paying this amount for this purpose.

8. Executive Positions 2013-2014
 The treasurer position is open for the 2013-2014 school year. We will be looking for someone to
fill this role. An announcement will go out with the AGM invitation.

9. Events & Coordinators 2013-2014
 We are fortunate that Christine will be coming back for another year as a pizza lunch coordinator.
Therefore, we are not in immediate need of another coordinator. However, we will focus on
finding individuals interested in taking on a pizza coordinator role during the upcoming school
year so that these people can be trained prior to the 2014-2015 school year when we will
definitely be in need of new coordinators.

10. Upcoming Events
a) Open House May 31
 Christine has been in touch with the owner of the ‘Supertruck’ food truck that has been parked in
a driveway across from the school. The owner of the truck is interested in providing the food for
the open house.
 Concerns were raised over the cost and Christine will speak with the owner to ensure that the
cost is reasonable.
 In addition, the invitation to the Open House will include information about the food and the cost
so that parents can be prepared.

b) AGM June 6
 Julie will take care of the invitation for the AGM and will prepare the Report of Events
 Evike will prepare the Financial Report
 Graham will contact the Y to arrange babysitters for the event
 All were in favour of committing $200 for the cost of babysitting
 All agreed that we will serve pizza to the kids and will provide a small meal for the adults in
attendance. $500 will be set aside to cover the cost of food. Julie will arrange.

11. Questions Arising/New Business a) Graham initiated a discussion about Free Dress Days with the question of who is responsible for
designating them. This question was a result of a recent notice that a Free Dress Day is
upcoming to raise money for a specific charity that one class is sponsoring. The school is
responsible for designating/approving Free Dress Days. It is noted that there have been more
Free Dress Days this year than usual. Graham will follow up with Tina in this regard.

b) During this meeting a discussion took place about how to best spread the word about Roslyn’s
success. This would be as a way of promoting the school in our community but also sharing our
successes for the benefit of other local schools/the school board/English schools in QC. The
following ideas were presented:
-publish an article in the QFHSA newsletter
-publish an article/letter in the Gazette/Suburban
-establishing a ‘regional council meeting’ where we can invite representatives from other RGBs to
discuss problems and successes facing different schools

c) Roslyn won a membership award at the QFHSA. Julie presented the certificate and the prize
which is 2 books for our library.

12. Refreshments
● Thanks to Julie and Carly for providing refreshments at this meeting.
The next meeting is the AGM on Wednesday June 5th
The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.