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March 17, 2015

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)

Meeting held at Roslyn School, Tuesday, March 17, 2015, 7:00 pm



Aaron Fraser                  

Catalina Moreno       

John C. Adams             

Barbara Whiston        

Christine Cardinal         

Edwin Vickery                  

Brian Weber                   

Mark Billings                  

Liana Thibodeau          

Shana Rotstein        

Skawennati Fragnito          

Chrissy Bachman          

Leah Trineer                 

Principal Nick Katalifos

1. Welcome

The meeting opened at 7:00 pm. It was chaired by the President Aaron Fraser.

2. Reading of Constitution:As detailed on

The Quebec Federation of Home & School Associations (QFHSA) is an independent, incorporated not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing the education and general well-being of children and youth.  The Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations promotes the involvement of parents, students, educators and the community at large in the advancement of learning and acts as a voice for parents.                    

3. Apologies

Paul Tsang and Michelle Grigatti

4.  Adoption of the agenda for the current meeting:

Approved by Leah Trineer, Second by John Adams.

5.  Roslyn Governing Board Report:Presented by Brian Weber.

Representative from McGill University came to talk to board concerning the Right to Play initiative and they approved 3 free dress days for fundraising purposes. First free dress day monies raised will go towards Right to Play.

The Holiday Concert was a large production and a really big success.
He extended his thanks to Principle Nick for staying on top of the renovations/improvements to the school including the downstairs bathrooms where the work will begin in the spring. In addition, the increase in the security at the school: Lockdown drills started in 2014 (at least one a year). Te trainer has completed seminar with the staff to learn what to do in this event. Parents must now sign in for pass when entering. Last week all the doors were checked by locksmith and are now lockable.

Thank you to HandS for all the hard work.
Registration is going very well 113 Kindergarden in 6 classes for a total of over 600 students. this includes more and more international students.

6.  Adoption of the minutes from the January 2015 meeting

The minutes were accepted with no corrections by Christine Cardinal and seconded by Catalina Moreno.

7.  Review of any actions arising from the past minutesACTION – Eye wash station was removed from the Health Room. More issues than benefit. Closed

ACTION –The contractor removed snow from the playgroup twice.  Closed

ACTION - Concern was Ice on roof. Nick spoke to Ministry and put it on CSST report that ice was falling dangerously into playground. Roof job to be completed in the summer and it was suggested to add safety rails. Ongoing

ACTION – We are 1 out of 7 schools who had the application for grant for energy efficiency accepted. This was based on the updated intake for the water in the school. Closed

8. Roslyn Foundation Report:

Presented by Aaron in lieu of Paul Tsang

On March 24 Concordia Communications 3rd year students presenting group assignment recommendations at Roslyn for RSF 10th Anniversary Celebration Event – The class instructor is a Roslyn parent, alumni, and an RSF Events Committee member. RSF presented case to students Feb.17th.
Plannning in progress for how to celebrate RSF 10th Anniversary this Fall (2005-2015)

Strategic planning to kick off in early April for an RSF Capital Campaign – pending Roslyn administration, Gov.Board and HandS agreement. We still need RSF Board approval before we present to those 3 groups.
Working on possible Spring event, working through some schedule conflicts. Goals: Small fundraiser and awareness generation.

9. QFHSA Report

In relation to the Regional Council: Someone from each HandS committee was present to discuss each experience, including relationships with governing boards, principals and fundraising. Aaron suggested that the next regional council meeting will be held at Roslyn.
Thursday, March 19, Marie-Helene Pringle and Leah Trineer will be there for executive diner 
at Casa Greque.

AGM will be saturday May 2. Voting depends on size of membership – we have three votes. Must assign only three people who have voting power to attend. others are welcome to attend.
Surveys have circulated in relation to health food. Resolutions to be circulated before next meeting. Get input from readers and not change essence or intent of resolution itself.

10.  Treasurer Report

Catalina Moreno, Treasurer, detailed $41,671 presently in account. 

Issuing May cheques today. Needs exact numbers for Pizza lunches. Anticipated by end of April $16,600. We started in Sept 2014 with $11,800.

Request for Funds Update: One family has fallen on hard times and two children are not eating lunches. 400-450$ until end of may or June will be assigned to cover payments for their hot lunches. Start ordering as of Monday.
Unanimous all in favor.

11. Teacher Appreciation: Marie-Helene Pringle was worked in collaboration with Nick Katalifos and Nancy Loane  Schedule for the week was as follows:
Feb 9- Monday Breakfast
Feb 10-Tuesday Bath products and Y passes
Feb 11-Wednesday Lunch catered by Nick (many volunteers helped)
Feb 12- Thursday Massage Therapist, chocolates and phone charger for each teacher.
Feb 13-Friday Lunch catered by Debbie Hanley (Chicken, Roast potatoes, salads)

Marie-Helene detailed 4-5 gifts were raffled. Overall it was very well received and a great success.

12.  Parent’s dance and Silent Auction:

Presented by Skawennati and Christine.

Gross fundraising was $11,400. This amount is expected to be tripled. $6,400 was deposited in the EMSB donation account which is parent controlled and governing board approved. Our goal was to put this money toward the school yard upgrades and school beautification.

The Debrief session concluded that they will hold the event again next year. The date of the event will be pushed a little later for something like a spring fling. theme would be Back to the 80’s. Since there are a lot of details it is recommended to start the committee around October. They will also create an option on the ticket to donate less or a chosen amount instead of implying the ticket price donation of $50.

13. Graduation Committee update:

Message from Michelle Grigatti.

The hot dog dinner at talent show we will be in the lunchroom 5:30 to 6:30pm. The frozen treats will be distributed during intermission.
Once the talent show hot dog dinner is over this will conclude the fundraising efforts for grad. Next meeting we will know if there is a requirement for HandS to support financially our grad trip.
We are still searching for Grade 5 parent chaperones/helpers June 12th.
Grade 6 teachers met with VP Rossana and will continue to participate in meetings.
John Adams will follow kids from ceremony (Westmount Baptist Church) to the reception (including during the rehearsal as well).

14.  Talent Show Update: According to Debbie Hanley:
We just started receiving forms for the talent show-they are coming slowly as many parents were still away with their children on holiday when the forms were sent home.  (I might have Nick do an email to parents to remind them).
She is also collecting forms for hot dogs and that is moving slowly as well-same problem.
Just a reminder HANDS will have to cover the DJ for the event.  She is not cooking this year so it is not as involved as previous years.
There will be 30 acts of 2-3 minutes each.

15.Questions arising/New business:

There is an interest to send the HandS minutes to everyone who is a member of HandS. Inviting on the HandS and School website to get more parents involved and to include “Hands” on the school website to be more prominent.
Installing a television in the entrance of the school for information (can include more HandS information) linked to Nick and Rossana’s computers.
Roslyn HandS will be 80 in 2015! Started in 1935 and we are looking to advertise this and celebrate.

-Over the next year a lot of renovation work will be done
-10 new machines coming in computer room
-New robotics equipment
-Julie Marcus entered a contest and won based on programming work
– 3 schools out of 150 won contest
– $15,000 prize worth of computer equipment, software and training courses.
-Smoothies made for kids from Linda on Health Day
-March 30, member of Harlem Globetrotters will talk about bullying
-Concordia Sports Camps offered free 1 hour and 30 minute saturday events taking place under the dome at Concordia including basketball, soccer…
– Ped day events can be run at Concordia and a field day in June under the dome.

-In talks with Rosanna about Aboriginal Education. One activity (workshop) per grade.
Kindergarden: Women coming to introduce them to culture.
Grade 1-2: Rainy Deer Dancers Pow-Wow,  Talk about costumes and dance.
Grade 3: First nations gardens at Botanical Gardens.
Grade 4: Quebec map to show nations presented by Skawennati.
Grade 5: Welcome Belt
Grade 6: TBD
-This will be starting next week.
-This will be written up in ‘Field and Focus’, paragraph and pictures, for school boards to share informations and inspire education.

Born to Read:
-11 babies born in 2014 and 1 was not present. It was a great assembly and Paul wrote up a piece.

16.Next meeting:

7:00 pm, Tuesday, April 14

-Skawennati will provide refreshments.