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June 11, 2014

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)

Meeting held June 11th, 2014 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School


Julie Frankel
Christine Van Moorsel
Carly Fleming
Brian Weber
Skawennati Fragnito
Debbie Hanley
Miranda Mok
Leah Trineer
Irma Alvarez
Nancy Loane
Paul Robichaud
Marie Helene Pringle
Peter Reynolds
Aaron Fraser
Michelle Grigat
Hana Kim
Leslie Symansky
Shana Rotstein

  • The meeting opened at 7:20 pm chaired by Julie Frankel. Julie welcomed those parents in attendance who have not attended a HandS meeting before.2. Apologies: Apologies were received from Jen Miller, Catalina Moreno, Christine Cardinal.3. Adoption of agenda: moved by Paul Robichaud, seconded by Miranda Mok.

    4. Adoption of the minutes from April 2014. Adoption of minutes with no corrections moved by Paul Robichaud, seconded by Christine Van Moorsel. Minutes adopted.

    5. Review of any actions arising from past meetings:

  • ACTION – HandS had agreed to give funds to Westmount Park school in the amount of $1000-$1500 as a gift for their 100th Julie has been in touch with the principal of Westmount Park regarding this potential gift from Roslyn but the principal is leaving this year and it is unclear what they would do with the money. We will keep this item open until next school year and Julie will contact the new principal of Westmount Park in Sept. Ongoing. .
  • ACTION – We still need a Funscrip coordinator. We will leave this open until Sept and will identify a coordinator at that point. Ongoing.

6. RGB (Roslyn Governing Board) Report: Julie Frankel

  • Christine was not in attendance at this meeting so Julie provided the report.
  • Next year Roslyn will be close to capacity as the projected enrolment is 613 students.
  • Roslyn is buying new desks and chairs to replace old ones and accommodate more students.
  • The RGB approved the HandS events and activities for 2014/2015.

7. Activities Report: Julie Frankel

  • The Activities sub-committee (a sub-committee of HandS) met and the activities report was presented to them and approved. Julie will send a copy of the report to everyone it attendance at this meeting via email.


  • Leah announced that the QFHSA Fall conference will take place on Oct 25, 2014. The theme is the brain. Also, QFHSA will not be increasing membership fees this year.
  • Renew membership: Julie proposed that HandS pay the QFHSA membership fee of $50 in order to continue to be part of the QFHSA. Moved by Paul Robichaud. Seconded by Miranda Mok. Motion passed.
  • Local membership fee: Julie proposed that we continue to charge Roslyn families $20 as a HandS membership fee. $18 of this fee goes to the QFHSA. Moved by Leah Trineer, seconded by Nancy Loane. Motion passed.

9. Upcoming Events/Expenditures 

  • New Family Welcome: HandS organizes an event for all new families (Grades 1-6) on the first day of school where all new families can congregate in the gym. Coffee and water is served and HandS volunteers answer questions. The first day of school is Sept 2nd. If anyone can volunteer for this event, please contact Julie.
  • Kindergarten Parents Welcome: This event takes place on the front lawn of the school on the first day of kindergarten. The date will be September 3rd, If anyone can volunteer, please contact Julie. Julie is requesting $250 to pay for these two events. Moved by Christine Van Moorsel, seconded by Skawennati Fragnito. Motion passed.
  • Welcome Back Event: This is a spirit event (the goal is to build community not make a profit). In the past $500 has been allocated to pay for the event but it usually costs more than this which puts a strain on organizers. For example, in 2013 it cost a total of $1300 (approx. $3800 in expenses, approx.. $2500 in revenue). Julie proposes that we allocate an overall cost of $2000 this year. It will take stress off the organizers and allow the event to grow. Moved by Carly Fleming, seconded by Aaron Fraser. Motion passed.
  • Graduation Gifts: In the past HandS has purchased $25 gift cards to Chapters for one community service prize per Gr. 6 class. We have three Gr. 6 classes this year. A total of $75 for this expense was proposed by Julie. Moved by Paul Robichaud, seconded by Aaron Fraser. Motion passed.
  • TCBY/Pizza Lunch: Last year the pizza lunch organizers organized TCBY frozen yogurt for every student at the final pizza lunch of the year. They would like to do this again this year. Christine Van Moorsel proposed that $600 be allotted for this expense. Moved by Nancy Loane, seconded by Irma Alvarez. Motion passed.
  • Pizza lunch transfer: On one pizza lunch day the Gr 6 classes were on a field trip and didn’t get their pizza lunch. Christine Van Moorsel will arrange for the money left over from that day be transferred to the grad committee so they can provide pizza at the Grad event.

10. Health Room Coordinator 2014/2015

  • It has been customary that HandS pays Debbie Jardine to be the Health Room Coordinator at the rate of $50/week. Julie proposed that we continue to pay her at this rate through the coming school year. Moved by Christine Van Moorsel, seconded by Skawennati Fragnito.
  • It was suggested and discussed that a St John Ambulance course could be offered by HandS to Roslyn parents who wish to volunteer in the Health Room. ACTION: Discuss this idea further at the September 2014 meeting.

11. Executive Positions 2014/2015

  • a) Vacancies:

President. Two HandS members volunteered to be president for next school year. These were Irma Alvarez and Aaron Fraser. Each gave a short description of themselves and what they would bring to the role and members in attendance were invited to ask each any questions they had. After this, there was a silent ballot and each member in attendance voted. The winner of the silent ballot was Aaron Fraser. Our new HandS President for 2014/2015 is Aaron Fraser.

Vice-President. Peter Reynolds and Shana Rotstein volunteered to share the VP role.

QFHSA Representative. There were no volunteers for this role. ACTION: Identify a volunteer willing to be the QFHSA rep at the September 2014 meeting.

b) Signing Officers: We need two signatures on each cheque that is written by HandS. It was decided that the signing officers for the 2014/2015 school year will be Aaron Fraser (President), Catalina Moreno (Treasurer), Peter Reynolds (Vice-President), and Nancy Loane (Secretary).

12. Questions Arising/New Business

  • JarBar Catering – Samara Davis. Samara Davis was in attendance for this portion of the meeting. She is a Roslyn parent and a small business owner (JarBar Catering). She presented the general idea of HandS allowing Roslyn parents to sell/showcase their businesses at HandS events. She also brought samples of her delicious food. In her proposition, she would be willing to give one fifth of any profits made at a HandS event to HandS. She would also be willing to cater HandS meetings. This idea generated a short discussion at this meeting however it will be discussed further next year. ACTION: Discuss the idea of selling/showcasing Roslyn parent businesses at HandS events at the September 2014 meeting.
  • Open House Wrap-Up: HandS and the RGB organized the end of year Open House party prior to the school open house, as per previous years. There were very few volunteers for this event making it difficult for the organizers. There was a food truck in attendance again this year and although line ups were long, it was acknowledged that without adequate volunteer support, a food truck is the only way to feed that many people. This event made $900 this year, mostly on the sale of alcohol and chips.

13. Next Meeting

  • Julie and Aaron will meet shortly to decide on meeting dates and this information will be passed along. The next meeting will likely be the second week of school and before the Welcome Back Event.


Meeting adjourned.