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February 4, 2014

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)

Meeting held February 4th, 2014 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School


Christine Cardinal
Julie Frankel
Christine Van Moorsel
Leah Trineer
Irma Alvarez
Nancy Loane
Catalina Moreno
Paul Robichaud
Marie Helene Pringle
Isabelle Lacelle
Peter Reynolds

1. The meeting opened at 7:23 pm chaired by Julie Frankel and Christine Van Moorsel

2. Apologies: Apologies were received from Carly, Miranda and Debbie Hanley.

3. Adoption of agenda: moved by Christine Van Moorsel, seconded by Nancy.

4. Adoption of the minutes from November 2013. Adoption of minutes moved by Peter, seconded by Christine Cardinal. Minutes adopted.
5. Review of any actions arising from past meetings:

  1. ACTION – The acoustic panels for the gym have been ordered and they are on site at the school. They will be installed next week. It is likely that the project will come in under budget. This will be finalized shortly. At our next meeting we can go to the gym to see the panels and will have a final financial summary.  The acoustic panels have been installed and put into action at the dance, with good results. Closed.
  2. ACTION – Julie has not yet made contact with Tracey about the details of fundscrip. They will connect with each other shortly. Nancy L. has offered to work on this endeavor with Tracey. The Roslyn code for fundscrip is MDDTHH ( We will receive an update about fundscrip at our next meeting. Ongoing.
  3. ACTION – Julie emailed the principal of Westmount Park regarding a potential gift from Roslyn on the occasion of their 100th anniversary. She has not yet heard back. Julie emailed the principal but had yet to hear back. Ongoing.


6. Dance Report: Christine

  • It was a successful party, organized by Skawennati and Christine Cardinal. The profit after expenses was $9800. It was done in a short amount of time. There were 100 tickets sold. The Teachers got tickets for free. Tax receipts were offered by QFHSA. The donations were great. The silent auction made $4900. It’s likely that they will do it again.


7. RGB Report: Christine Cardinal

  • Liz Lagoditch is acting as  Principal on a monthly bases. Tina might me back at the end of February.
  • “Born to Read” event took place. Families with new borne babies got a package of books donated by HandS. This was the 10th year of the Born to Read event.
  • Technology Room renovations may be ready for the Open House.
  • Community Update: St Georges and Tyndale are offering a High School after school program.
  • YMCA continues offering free swimming lessons to Grade 2 (6-8 lessons)
  • Regional Delegate. We need to let the EMSB know that snow in the main school entrances needs to be clean often. It’s a dangerous situation particularly on the Grosvenor school entrance.


8. Treaurer’s Report: Catalina

  • Our balance is $34,902. There is still money coming from the school pictures.


  • Considering that HandS has resources a few ideas on what to do for the kids and the school were discussed: A dedicated production play, water fountains, etc. There has been lots of feedback from parents.


9. Book Sale Report: Carolyn O’Neil

  • Carolyn could not attend the meeting.
  • $2700 were made from the Book Sale. This amount is higher than in previous years due to the fact that this was the last Book Sale organized and run by Carolyn, who had bought many books over the years through her Publishing contacts. All of the books she had were put for sale and no new books were acquired for the Book Sale.

10. Fundscrip Update

  • There are $48 in the HandS account from Fundscrip. It’s set up but not been advertised enough. The Spring Newsletter will advertise it.


11. Requests for Funds:

a) Library supplies

  • The Librarian requested funds to get books ready on the shelves.
  • Motion presented to give $700 to the Library. Approved by Peter and Nancy.


12. Upcoming Events

a)     Teacher Appreciation Week. Marie Helene had a few events organized for the Teachers, a breakfast, a lunch, gifts and a raffle with prices. There are 34 Teachers including the Resource Teachers.

b)     Spaghetti Dinner/Talent Show. tI will take place on March 21. Everything is going well. There will be a raffle to raise funds for the 6th grade graduation, organized by the parents of that committee.


13.  Questions Arising/ New Business

  • Julie requested a motion to be passed to donate $10,000 to the Technology Room from HandS. Motion approved.  Unanimously.
  • Considering that HandS has resources a few ideas on what to do for the kids and the school were considered: A dedicated production play, water fountains, etc. There has been lots of feedback from parents. Needs to be discussed.


14. Refreshments

Paul will kindly bring the refreshments for the next meeting on Wednesday March 12.


15. Next Meeting: Wednesday March 12, 2014



Thanks to Isabelle for providing refreshments at this meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.