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Come See our Gardens!

We at HandS are super proud of an exciting initiative that our President, Aaron Fraser, conceptualized and has brought to life this year.

Together with Urban Seedlings. we have created a multi-faceted garden for Roslyn and we’re very excited that it’s becoming a reality. Twelve vegetable beds (of tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, eggplants, peppers, lettuce and other mixed greens) will each be cared for by the students in the classes that planted them.

We have also planted several different kinds of berries, pumpkins, a “Three Sisters” garden, and a pollinator garden.

AND, there are new currant shrubs around the east side of the front lawn and climbing vines on the fence around the outdoor classroom.

Please be sure to take a moment to check them out at the Open House tonight.

We hope that this will be an incredible opportunity for Roslyn students – caring for the garden daily, growing their own food, and learning about the environment they live in.

Though not every student was able to be a part of the planting process this time around, they can still contribute to the life and health of the garden.

We are asking that everyone take extra care around all the plants, particularly the berries and new grass, especially for the next few weeks as they become more established. 

We hope you are as  excited about this project as we and the kids are!