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Roslyn Home and School Association

Established 1940

Constitution and By-Laws of Roslyn Home & School Association


1. The name of this organization is the Roslyn Home and School Association


The Roslyn Home and School Association exists to assist the school operating structures in creating a community of life-long learners, creative thinkers and committed citizens. It will be an organization committed to building school spirit and a positive community atmosphere; and for enriching the educational life of the Roslyn community by organizing special events, programs and services.

2. The Roslyn Home and School Association has as its purposes:

2.1 To act as an independent, volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to enhancing the education and general well being of children by bringing into closer relationship the home, the school and the community, including:

2.1.1 To promote the involvement of parents, students and educators to secure for every child the highest level of learning and advancement.

2.1.2 To act as a voice for all parents.

2.1.3 To make parents aware of current educational practices and major issues which affect education.

2.1.4 To be actively involved in fundraising to assist and further the educational process at Roslyn. Fundraising by H&S must be to the benefit of the entire current student body, and not be for any select group, with the exception of providing financial aid to those that may otherwise not be able to participate in certain activities with the rest of their regular class. Financial need would be determined through the principal’s office.


3. Membership and activities of this Association shall be free of partisan and sectarian bias and discrimination.


4. In the event of wind-up or dissolution of the Association and following payment of all outstanding debts, the Association shall determine, at the general meeting called to enact the wind up or dissolution, the disbursement all of its remaining property and assets.


1.01 Roslyn Home & School Association falls under the Quebec Civil Code [articles 2186 and 2267 to 2279] see APPENDIX I.


2.01 It shall be understood that when the following terms appear in the By-Laws and Constitution unless the context otherwise requires:

“Federation” means the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations Inc., the provincial organization composed of member Home and School Associations;

“Association” means the Roslyn Home & School Association, composed of individual/family members, affiliated with the Federation;

“Constitution” means the body of fundamental principles according to which the Association is governed;

“By-Laws” means regulations by which the Association will fulfill the Constitution.

“member” means an individual/family who has paid the annual fees to the Association.

“Canadian Home and School Federation” means the federal organization composed of representatives from provincial public school parent organizations.

“general meeting” means a meeting of which all members of the Association and parents are duly notified.

“regular meeting” means the periodic business meetings called by HandS in conjunction with the RPPO evening meetings. The regular meetings are open to all members of the Roslyn community.

“L.T.” means the Leadership Team comprised of parents elected at the annual general meeting and at the September general meeting with the directive of leading both Home and School and R.P.P.O. It also includes

one staff member

“Leaders of the Association” are those members of the L.T. elected to lead the daytime meetings

“Leaders of the R.P.P.O.” are those members of the L.T. elected to lead the evening meetings

“L.T. meeting” means the biweekly or monthly meeting of the L.T. called as specified in the by-laws

“Quebec Civil Code” means the laws of the Province of Quebec pertaining to governance of corporations and associations, including the not for profit sector, from time to time in force and all amendments to it



Member Classes, Eligibility, and Admission

3.01 Members of the Association shall be any individual/family who pays the annual Association membership fee. This fee shall include the fee payable for membership to the Federation. The Principal of Roslyn School and members of the Teaching Staff shall be members ex officio without payment of any fee

Duty of Members

3.02 Every member shall uphold the Constitution and comply with the By-Laws of the Association.

3.03 Members shall:

(a) keep up to date on the affairs of the Association.

(b) carry out the responsibilities delegated to them by the Association.

3.04 No member may act on behalf of the Association without authorization.

Membership fees

3.05 (a) The annual membership fee, applicable to all members, shall be set by the Association and shall take into account the fee payable to the Federation.

(b) Membership fees are due at the beginning of the school year.

Good Standing and Suspension

3.06 A member is in good standing who has paid the current annual membership fee and is not in debt to the association.

3.07 A member may be suspended by a resolution passed by a 2/3 vote at a regular meeting. This suspension shall remain in effect until it is either revoked at a subsequent regular meeting or until the next following general meeting when the members shall either reinstate or expel the member.

Membership in Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations Inc.

3.08 The Association shall maintain its membership in the Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations Inc. Members of the Association are automatically non-voting members of the Federation.


4.01 The Executive of the Association, also referred to as Leaders of the Association, shall consist of the 7 members from Leadership Team (L.T.) 6 of which shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting with responsibility for and including:

(i) Chairperson (ii) Treasurer

(iii) Administrative Liaison (iv) Record Keeping/Correspondence (v) Volunteer Coordinator (vi) Membership

(vii) Publicity/Marketing

In addition, at least two parent members of the L.T. should be present at all meetings of the R.P.P.O.


4.02 Only fully paid up members in good standing shall be eligible to be Leaders of the Association.

Terms of Office

4.03 Leaders of the Association shall be elected annually and shall hold office until their successors are elected or until they cease to be eligible. Leaders of the Association stepping down at the end of a school year should, if at all possible, remain to assist the team until October of the following school year to allow for a smooth transition. No leader shall hold the same position for more than three consecutive years, unless there is no one else to fill the position.


4.04 If there is a vacancy in any office, the vacancy shall be filled by the Leadership Team from among the members in good standing who attend the meetings on a regular basis.

Suspension from Office

4.05 A Leader may be suspended by the Leadership Team for one or more of the following reasons

(a) Continuous absence from meetings, regular and/or Leadership Team without prior notice.

(b) Non payment of monies owed to the Association a after a delay of 2 months following a written request for payment.

4.06 The suspension shall be for a specific time or until the next general meeting. Suspension from office does not necessarily mean suspension of membership in the Association.

4.07 The suspension must be confirmed or annulled at the next regular meeting of the Association

4.08 A two-thirds (2/3) vote of attendees is required at both the L.T. and the regular meeting for a suspension.

4.09 During the debate on a Motion to Suspend, the Leader involved has the right to participate in and/or address the meeting.



5.01 Quorum shall be 50% plus 1 at a regular meeting and 10% of membership at a general meeting.

5.02 Quorum at a leadership team meeting shall be a simple majority.
Regular Meeting

5.03 Regular meetings are called by the L.T. to carry out the regular business of the Association in conjunction with and alternating with the R.P.P.O. evening meetings. The dates will be set at the AGM, in co-ordination with those of the R.P.P.O. The meetings of the Association are open to all members of the Roslyn community, but the privilege of proposing special or general mafters for discussion or of voting shall be limited to members of the association in good standing. Notice of a regular meeting shall specify the place, day and hour of the meeting, and shall be distributed prior to the meeting.

5.03.1 The first meeting shall be held before the beginning of the school year.

5.03.2 An agenda shall be supplied to all members before the date of the meeting. Items from the previous RPPO agenda will be carried forward if relevant. Minutes shall be taken and made available at the next R.P.P.O meeting, and to the general public once approved.

5.03.3 No major decisions shall be made without a quorum present. Major shall be defined as decisions involving the disbursement of $100 or more, or the same value in “in kind” donations, or the raising of funds. The $100 restriction need not necessarily be applied in the case of “secure” loans or floats for facilitating events already approved by the L.T..

5.03.4 Special L.T. meetings that involve major decisions on official positions by Home and School, as defined above, can be called by three members of the leadership team with a two week advance notice and a complete agenda available at least one week before the meeting date. Non-agenda items will not be tabled at special meetings. A quorum will be required for major decisions, as defined above.

5.03.5 Exceptions to the two-week notice will be made if: the call for a meeting has the support of a majority (50+1) of L.T. members. a complete agenda in the form of questions that can be answered with a single response is provided at least 48 hrs beforehand so that all members can participate, and if they are unable to a.end, can vote by written proxy, or can delegate their vote in writing to another member of the L.T. Only items on the agenda shall be tabled. It is the responsibility of those requesting the meeting that all be contacted and receive the agenda.
Annual General Meeting

5.04 An annual general meeting shall be held at a time (in May or June) and place as decided by the members at a regular meeting.
At least fifteen (15) days notice shall be given in writing, to all members, for the Annual General Meeting; this notice shall specify the place, day and hour of the meeting.
Special General Meetings

5.05 (a) Special General Meetings of the Association may be called by two or more members of the L.T. upon receipt of a request by voting members comprising 10% or more of the membership.
Notice of a Special General Meeting shall be given to all members and shall specify the place, day and hour of the meeting, along with an agenda, at least five (5) days prior to the meeting. Public notice shall also be given.
(b) The Special General Meeting called under this section shall deal only with the business stipulated in the request as listed on the agenda.

5.06 The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to, or the non-receipt of a notice by, any of the members entitled to receive notice does not invalidate proceedings at this meeting.

5.07 If at any regular or general meeting neither the Chairperson, nor other L.T. member is present 15 minutes after the time appointed for holding the meeting, the members present shall choose from among themselves a person to be chairperson.

5.08 Only members who are in good standing and who are present are entitled to vote.

5.09 In case of a tie in any vote the chairperson shall only have a tie breaking vote if he/she did not participate in the original vote, otherwise a tie vote shall be considered a defeat of the resolution.


6.01 The Association shall form a Leadership Team. Other committees may be formed as needed to carry out the work of the Association.

Leadership Team
6.02 The Leadership Team shall consist of seven(7) Leaders of the Association, the three(3) Leaders of the R.P.P.O. (from which the chair, co-chair and secretary would be selected) and one teacher member. Six (6) of the Leaders of the Association and two(2) of the Leaders of the R.P.P.O. will be elected at the AGM. The staff member will be appointed by the staff caucus. The remaining positions, and any other new vacancies, with the exception of the staff position, shall be filled at an election to be held in September, thus encouraging the participation of new parents.

6.02.1 The Leadership team may also include others invited by L.T. members during the year to fill vacant positions of the Leaders of the Association. R.P.P.O. or staff vacancies will be filled by the R.P.P.O. and staff caucus respectively. A new member’s commitment shall be set in writing at their first meeting.
Responsibilities of the Leadership Team

6.03 The members of the Leadership Team shall:
(a) carry out the business of the Association between regular meetings;
(b) be given direction by the voting members at regular meetings;
(c) have all decisions made at the Leadership Team meetings ratified at a regular meeting;
(d) to make sure that, at all times, the Roslyn H&S association acts within the guidelines it has set for itself.
(e) meet at least five (5) times a year;

6.04 Leadership Team meetings may be held concurrently with regular meetings.
Event Co-ordination

6.05 The Event co-ordinator is responsible for the accounting of the event, including the timely supplying of receipts for event expenditures

6.06 Any event planning requiring regular meetings must be held in the same manner as regular L.T. meetings, as per item

6.07 Minutes, agenda, and financial accounting records must be entered in the general HandS records, either in writing or by a report at a L.T. meeting.

6.08 At no time shall remuneration be paid to members for their services to the Association. However, reasonable expenses may be claimed with prior approval of the Leadership Team or the members at a regular meeting.

7.01 The Association shall send a delegate to the Federation Regional Council established in the region. The delegate shall be a member in good standing of the Association.

8.01 The fiscal year of the Association shall be from July 1 to June 30.
8.02 A financial statement for the current year to date shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting along with the final statement for the previous year.
Banking and Cheques
8.03 The Association shall open a bank account or accounts with any branch of a chartered bank selected by the Leadership Team.
8.04. There shall be a maximum of four (4) signing leaders with cheques to be signed by any two (2) of them. The signing leaders shall be chosen from among the members of the Leadership Team of the Association.
8.05 All expenditures must receive prior authorization at either a leadership team or regular meeting.

9.01 The Constitution and the By-Laws may be amended, by a majority of two-thirds (2/3) of the votes, at the Annual General meeting, or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose, provided that due notice of the proposed amendments have been sent to all members at least four (4) weeks prior to the meeting.
9.02 Amendments to the By-Laws shall take effect as soon as approved, but in no case may be applied retroactively.
9.03 Amendments to the Constitution shall take effect after acceptance by the Federation as the Association’s Constitution may not be in conflict with that of the Federation.

10.01 Any notice shall be sufficiently given by a circular delivered to each child a.ending the school, by electronic mail to the last recorded electronic address, or by ordinary mail to the last recorded address of a community member, or partly in one manner and partly in another as the leadership team may deem best.

11.01 The rules contained in the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all matters of procedure not covered in these By-Laws.