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Be A Classroom Parent Ambassador!

Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to act as Ambassadors for their child’s classroom.  Thanks to you, the parents of other children in that class have a clear channel for communicating with HandS and the Roslyn administration.


Volunteers are still needed for some classes.  If you have a child in one of the following homerooms, please consider acting as an Ambassador.

Kindergarten – 008
Grade 1 – 218
Grade 2 – 206
Grade 2 – 213
Grade 2 – 214
Grade 3 – 107
Grade 4 – 113
Grade 4 – 204
Grade 5 – 004
Grade 5 – 101
Grade 5 – 102
Grade 6 – 207
Grade 6 – 208

If you can help, please contact

Not sure what’s involved?

It is pretty simple, really.  HandS Ambassadors will:

  • Compile a contact list of the parents in your child’s class (preferably email AND phone)
  • Communicate opinions or concerns (if any) to the HandS Executive
  • Distribute any relevant info to classroom parents from monthly HandS meetings

It is essential that your child’s class have representation and a seat at our table.  The commitment is minimal, but the effect it will have for your child is immeasurable.

Our motto is “Many hands make for light work” and with the participation of parents like you, we can have so much more impact.

We hope to hear from you soon for our HandS Ambassador Project!