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April 10, 2014

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)

Meeting held April 10, 2014 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School


Christine Cardinal
Julie Frankel
Christine Van Moorsel
Leah Trineer
Irma Alvarez
Nancy Loane
Catalina Moreno
Marie Helene Pringle
Debbie Hanley

1. The meeting opened at 7:20 p.m. chaired by Julie Frankel and Christine Van Moorsel

2. Apologies: Apologies were received from Carly, Peter and Paul R.

3. Adoption of agenda: moved by Christine Van Moorsel, seconded by Nancy.
4. Adoption of the minutes from February 2014. Adoption of minutes moved by Irma, seconded by Christine Van Moorsel. Minutes adopted.

5. Review of any actions arising from past meetings:

  •  Donation to Westmount Park School for their Centennial – Julie

6. RGB Report:

6a) Liz Lagodich, Roslyn School’s Principal, attended the HandS meeting with the purpose of delivering a Thank You card, which she read to us. She expressed her sincere thank you and recognition to the HandS work and commitment to the kids and the school. She mentioned that she will be at Roslyn until June. We took the opportunity to ask questions regarding her experience as a Principal at Royal Vale. These are some of the issues that caught our interest:

– At Royal Vale the Enrichment program is part of the kid’s daily curriculum. They hire a lot of Professionals. It’s mandatory and paid by parents

– She suggested organizing talks about different topics at Roslyn, as they do at Royal Vale, for example “Stress in Adolescents for Parents in Grade 6”

6 b) Christine Cardinal mentioned that on their last GB meeting they had a presentation from the EMSB about Day Care.

These are some of the things they offer:

  • cost $7 a day
  • Morning, lunch time and afterschool services
  • Afterschool activities
  • Cons: ratio 1/20 (The Westmount YMCA has a ratio of 1/7);
  • It will kill our community organizations which are good partners (YMCA, Tyndale, Green Center, );
  • Some parents feel that it’s not the healthiest choice to leave kids at school all day. The possibility of attending other community organizations gives them the chance to take some fresh air and change environment as well as get physically closer to home by the time they get picked up.
  • The Day Care requires space to operate at Roslyn and the school is functioning at max capacity.
  • Pros are that they offer a service that could be in demand by some parents. It also provides some income to the school.

Conclusion there is a need to weigh the pros and cons to make a decision.


7. QFHSA AGM- Saturday May 3rd

  • Leah Trineer mentioned that it will be good if someone from HandS could attend the QHFSA AGM. HandS will pay for it. It will be held at the Novatel Hotel.
  • There are workshops and Resolutions to be passed regarding the English language Education in Quebec.
  • Clifford Lincoln will be the key Speaker on “English language Rights in Quebec”
  • There will be a Saturday evening dinner.
  • Eddy Nolan is getting the “Mabel Durkin Health Advocacy Award” from the QFHSA for his efforts in raising cancer awareness. He has participated in 13 Terry Fox runs at Roslyn School raising $232,788 for the Terry Fox Foundation.


8. Fundscrip Co-ordinator

  • Tracey is moving away from Quebec. We need somebody who can help us run and market this fundraiser for the fall. Lea Trineer is willing to learn more about it. ACTION: Someone is needed as Fundscrip Co-ordinator


9. Treasurer’s Report: Catalina

  • There is a balance of $31,576 up to date and a forecast of $21,300 for the end of the year after expenses.


10. Funds Request

            a) Buses for Halo Race. Miss Linda organizes the event for Grades 4, 5 and 6. It takes place April 30th and she is requesting 4 buses for 160 children. The buses are approximately $150 each. The children pay $5 to enter the race. Motion was presented by Julie to pay for 4 buses for an amount of between $600- $800. Supported by Nancy, Christine and Marie Elene.

            b) Additions for Technology Room. HandS donated $10,000 to buy furniture, tables and chairs, to do some plumbing and painting. Miss Julie won a grant of $19,000 from Future Shop for computers. In addition to this Ms. Rosana requested 2 corner tables, a desk for the Teacher and an air conditioning unit to keep the room cool. She presented some quotes from the EMSB for the electrical and plumbing job for a total amount of $8,300. Motion approved to give the $10,000 and let administration deal with the acquisition and installation of the AC and the purchase of rest of the furniture.


11. Lunchtime Soccer. There will be no lunch time soccer this year due to the higher number of students. We would require more animators, which are hard to get. There are also two different lunch times which makes things more challenging. Soccer costs $2840 a year.

a)     Principal Request. The Principal wants to know if there are parents who would be interested in helping organize school yard games on a regular bases.


12. Spaghetti/Talent Night Recap

  • There was a profit of $350
  • Debbie Hanley felt that there wasn’t enough cooperation from Teachers and not enough volunteers to serve dinner.
  • The noise level was high especially for the kids sitting in front.
  • Otherwise, things went really well.
  • Julie suggested to organize a “Talent Night” without spaghetti for next year, with snacks and no alcohol.
  • It was agreed upon by Debbie Hanley and the committee at large that moving forward, the event would be limited to only Talent.


13.  HandS Events 2014-2015


14. Upcoming Events:

a) HandS AGM (Tuesday May 13th) Motion presented to designate a budget of $1,500 for the AGM. Approved by Leah, Miranda and Catalina.

i) President and Vice President Roles. This will be Julie’s third and last year as HandS President as well as Christine’s Van Moorsel’s.

ii) Babysitting/Pizza (motion needed $). Nancy will take care of organizing the babysitting with the YMCA and Christine Van Moorsel will order the pizza.

iii) Dinner/wine (motion needed $). Julie suggested to order dinner from Debbie Jardin, same as last year’s. Miranda will buy the wine.

iv) Thank you gifts for Volunteer Co-ordinators (motion needed, $) Irma will buy fundscrip gift cards for volunteers for a total of $300.

v) Invitations/Notice to parents. Julie will take care of this.

b) Open House (motion needed $) Motion presented to designate a budget of $500 for the Open House. Motion approved by Leah, Miranda and Catalina.


15. Questions Arising/New Business

Thanks to Julie and Nancy for providing refreshments at this meeting. The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


16 Next Meeting: AGM May 13th