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After School Activities Pick-up Protocol / New! Musical Theatre Program

Dear Parents,

1) For those with children in the after school activities program…VERY IMPORTANT:
Please read the pick-up protocol.

2) Does your child enjoy music and/or acting?
The Musical Theater program offered on Mondays after school for grades 1-6 (3:30-5:00) is in need of more participants in order to run the course. This program will be a year long project in conjunction with the Roslyn School Choir wherein an English play will be mounted along with the Roslyn choir singing the music to the play in French.

This cooperative project is based on the book “Time for Flowers Time for Snow”.

In addition, children who are registered into this program will be offered two weeks of Musical Theater Camp in the last two weeks of August…FREE OF CHARGE… at Roslyn School, in order to rehearse.

Should you require more information or would like to register your child into the Musical Theater class please contact Debbi Jardine.