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A message from the Executive

Dear Roslyn Parents,

Please join us in supporting our teachers by forming a Human Chain around Roslyn on Monday, November 2nd at 8:30 a.m.!

As we all know, teachers across the province are taking strike actions to protest budget cuts proposed by the Quebec provincial government. These cuts will affect the number of children in our classrooms and the availability of support staff, among many other things. Imagine how this will affect the quality of education in our schools.
Schools in Montreal have been mobilizing to form Human Chains since May 2015.  On Monday, Roslyn families will add their voices to this protest. The government can no longer ignore public outcry.
At Roslyn the quality of incredibly talented and dedicated staff has made us one of the most populous and high-performing public schools in the province. Asking them to do more with less is a disservice to them and most importantly, our children.
Please join us in supporting our teachers! The longer the chain, the more impact we will have.
Please show your support.  We hope to see you bright and early Monday morning,
Your Roslyn Home andSchool Executive