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September 5, 2013

Agenda: First week of school summary: Julie Frankel.
RGB Report: Christine Cardinal
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations
Health Room Coordination
Website Administration
Dance- Skawennati Fragnito
Photo Day
Succession planning
Questions Arising

Roslyn Home and School (HandS)
Meeting held September 5th, 2013 in the Staff Room at Roslyn School

Christine Cardinal
Carly Fleming
Skawennati Fragnito
Julie Frankel
Christine Van Moorsel
Leah Trineer
Irma Alvarez
Debbie Hanley
Nancy Loane
Catalina Moreno
Paul Robichaud
Milena Padula
Caroline Lecerf
Nina Kim
Chrissy Bachman
Julie Nieto
Naeil Castro

1. The meeting opened at 7:30 pm chaired by Julie Frankel and Christine Van Moorsel

2. Apologies: Apologies were received from Miranda Mok and Caroline Kemp.

3. Adoption of agenda: moved by Nina, seconded by Irma.

4. Adoption of the minutes from the previous meeting (May 14th, 2013). Adoption of minutes moved
by Skawennati, seconded by Julie. Minutes adopted.

5. Review of open action items from previous meeting:
 ACTION – Waiting for EMSB/Building Grounds approval for the purchase and installation of a new
sound system in the gym. The project has now been taken over by Tina and it is in the hands of
EMSB Building & Grounds Dept. The role of HandS now is to only look over the quotes when
they come in because HandS is funding the project. Julie will present a specific update in
October. Ongoing.

6. Signing Officers
 Every year HandS needs to make a motion to determine who will be the signing officers for the
coming year. The signing officers for 2013-2014 are Christine Van Moorsel, Julie Frankel,
Catalina Moreno and Carly Fleming.

7. First week of school summary: Julie Frankel
 It was a good first week. The new families were welcome at the gym on the first day. There were
many volunteers helping, answering questions, and keeping parents calm. There has been some
confusion regarding the time of the two kindergarten welcome sessions. Most people come in the
morning and have no idea that there is a second session starting at 1:00. For next year they will
make sure that the invitation states clearly that there is a session at 10:00a.m. and a second one
at 1:00 p.m.
8. Welcome Back Event prep Update: Miranda Mok
 Miranda was not able to attend the meeting. The annual Welcome Back event will take place on
Friday September 13, from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Everyone is invited. There will be food,
drinks and entertainment. They’re looking for volunteers. There will be a Hands table selling
Roslyn water bottles and other Roslyn souvenirs.

9. RGB Report: Christine Cardinal
 The Roslyn Governing Board Annual General Meeting will take place September 19th
at 6:30
p.m., between registration for extra-curricular activities and Parent-Teacher interviews.
 There is a need to update the Roslyn’s web page and keep the communication flowing.
 An Intercom system is a priority for the school safety. The Principal feels very strong about it. It’s
on the top of her wish list.
 Due to the increase in student’s enrollment we have less classrooms available for growing the
enrichment programs.
 The Librarian is now two and a half days a week at the school.

10. Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations
a) Membership Renewal Form. A motion was presented to approve the QFHSA membership.
Motion moved by Christine, seconded by Leah.
b) Local Membership price – $20. It was approved to keep the membership price at $20 ($18 for
the QFHSA and $2 for HandS). The membership allows us to participate in activities and
workshops, we received news from the QFHSA. It also provides us with liability to organize social
family events at the school, after school hours.
c) Executive Workshop- September 23, QFHSA office 7:30. Any HandS executive member can
go to this Workshop.
d) Fall Conference- Saturday November 9th. It’s a full day event with a cost of $25. There are
workshops on parenting and kids related topics. It’s a good networking opportunity.

11. Health Room Coordination
 The health room is staffed with parent volunteers. Debbie Jardine takes care of it. It’s a huge
task. HandS pays her $50 a week to train and coordinate the volunteers as well as to get the
necessary supplies. Motion presented to pay $50 to Debbie Jardine. It was moved by
Skawennati and seconded by Nancy.
 The Health room also provides kids with food, donated by Share the Warmth. The school
appreciates enormously the help of parent volunteers at the Health Room.

12. Website Administration
a) Michael Krausse takes care of the HandS web page. We pay him up to $600 a year. He
bills only for the work that he does. We need to decide if he will continue doing the job.
There are other parent volunteers interested in helping out with this task. The motion to
decide who will take care of the web page will be taken in the next meeting.
ACTION: Julie to present the issue again in October providing history and more

13. Dance- Skawennati Fragnito
 Last year we talked about a dance spirit event for the adults, no kids invited. The event will be
organized by Skawennati and Debbie Hanley.  It could be a fundraising event with a caused attached to it. In that case we would involve the
Roslyn School Foundation.
 Date to be determined.
14. Photo Day
 Skawennati has done it for the past two years.
 This year will be on November 6th. Volunteers are needed.
 They need the gym for the whole day.
 Julie needs to find out what percentage of the money goes to the school.
 We haven’t received the money from last year.
ACTION: Skawennati to follow up on the cheque from school photos for last year.

15. Succession planning
 Christine Van Moorsel, coordinator of the pizza lunch program, which is the biggest fundraising
event for Roslyn, is leaving next year and nobody has proposed to take over her position.
 Christine proposed to have this fundraiser activity run by 6 people to make it easier.
 The President and Vice-President seats will be available next year. Julie will prepare a guide
book to help with the transition.

16. Questions Arising
 Motion presented to purchase apples for the Terry Fox Run. Leah will get them from the
McDonald farm. Motion moved by Irma and seconded by Carly.
 Julie initiated a motion to approve a purchase for paper for the HandS packages sent home to all
students. (Expenses above $100 need to be approved according to the HandS constitution).
Motion seconded by Paul.
 Motion presented to buy a mailbox for HandS for all the incoming mail, payments, etc. Julie will
buy a wall mounted box with a key at Home Depot for approx. $109. Moved by Carly, seconded
by Nancy.
 There is a problem with the water fountains at school. Debbie H. is looking into the possibility of
purchasing a water purification system. Further research on that will be presented by Debbie H.

17. The next meeting will be held on October 8th. Carly will bring refreshments.
Thanks to Leah Trineer for providing refreshments at this meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.